Artifacts from Arikamedu, whether found during excavations or collected from the surface are now dispersed among several Museums and individuals and institutions.

The major collections are at

I. Museums and Institutions

  1. Archeological Survey of India Museum at Pondicherry
  2. Archeological Survey of India Museum at Purana Quila , New Delhi
  3. Madras Museum , Chennai
  4. Museum Hyderabad
  5. Museum Bangalore
  6. Museum Trichur
  7. Sri Aurobindo Library , Pondicherry
  8. Raja Raja Museum , Tanjore
  9. Institute of Archeology , University College , London
  10. Sir Mortimer Wheeler Museum London
  11. Musee′ Guimet, Paris http://www.museeguimet.fr/gb/index.html araa@guimet.fr Contact: Geneviève Daridan, President
    E-mail: amisdeguimet@noos.fr

  1. Arikamedu Museum Gallery, Arikamedu

II. Individual Collections

  1. Mr. Ashok Kumar , Ariyakuppam
  2. Mr. J.Kangarayan
  3. Mr. Ananda Vadana Kumar
  4. Suresh Kumar Pillai